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A vibrant and inviting commercial centre for Greymouth and the wider West Coast.

The vision for Grey District is to be a progressive, growing, vibrant province, renowned for its people, culture, environment and desirable location.

The development of the Greymouth town centre framework focused on delivering on a number of outcomes including, community safety, engagement, walking and cycling connectivity, sense of place and broadening the base of the local economy.

The CBD will be celebrated by its reinvigorated connections to the Grey River and the surrounding hinterland, and through urban form that celebrates the local climate, natural environment and its rich culture and heritage. 

The framework document identifies the following initiatives:

  • Landscaped areas include the design of the floodwall as a lineal park which incorporates a network of elements such as sculpture, play elements, lookout structures, shelters and interpretation.
  • Frequent crossing points across Māwhera Quay to provide safe and easy access to the floodwall from the CBD.
  • Pedestrian prioritised streets to provide a flexible space which supports more on street activity and ease of movement for pedestrians.
  • A revitalised town square.

Opus took a place-based, design led approach which was developed over a year through three core stages of work. These stages were informed through a range of consultation including public surveys, public feedback meetings, the formation of the Project Working Party between Opus and Client and a number of project workshops.

It was the consultation with the community and stakeholders that shaped the vision and design principles for the master plan:

  • Real stories shaping real places: Create places that are unique through stories of both the past and of the future of Greymouth.
  • An accessible place: The CBD will be well connected to a range of activities and amenities and will be accessible for people of all ages and abilities.
  • Urban places as economic catalysts: Design outcomes must be shaped by existing context, and in return, stimulate activity and shape its surroundings.
  • Nurturing healthy communities: Greymouths CBD will be multi-generational, it will be designed sustainably for the wellbeing of people and of natural systems.

The project was supported by a wide range of specialist disciplines within Opus including landscape architects, urban designers, transport planners, archaeologists, architects and mechanical engineers.