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NiziU (虹U/ニジユ/니쥬/ニジュー) is a 9 member Japanese girl group under JYP Entertainment and Sony Music Entertainment. They were

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That is exactly what happened with JYP Entertainment and Sony Music Japan ‘s girl group NiziU. No more than a year ago, they were

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NiziU 2nd Single『Take a picture/Poppin’ Shakin’』2021.4.7 Release「Take a picture」 Digital Release

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Niziu members are H&M ambassadors. It will be a Spring/summer campaign based in pastel colors. It is the biggest campaign

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H&M JapanオフィシャルTwitter

Niziu h&m NiziU member Miihi

Oct 23, 2020 NiziU member Miihi to go on temporary hiatus due to poor health conditions AKP STAFF On October 23, JYP Entertainment made

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H&M’s business concept is to offer fashion and quality at the best price in a sustainable way. H&M has since it was founded

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H&M(エイチ&エム)は、アジア・アンバサダーのNiziU(ニジュー)とコラボレーションした「H&M Loves NiziU」コレクションを、2021年2月18日(木)に全国H&M ...

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NiziU x H&M collab Question/Help Hi, I am new to Reddit so idk if I am doing this right but i am really interested in buying

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2.7k members in the niziu community. NiziU is a Japanese girl group created from the survival show, Nizi Project.