Human-centric design: putting humans into the design process

9 February 2018

trimble building

By adopting a human-centric approach, a new structure or infrastructure –  whether it’s a bridge, playground, park, or reservoir – isn’t simply a physical object consisting of raw materials and labour. Instead, it’s the manifestation of community aspirations. It’s a carefully considered design brought to life. It’s a way to solve underlying issues and make lives better. That’s because human-centric design places people firmly at the heart of projects.

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Designing a transportation system for the city of the future

23 January 2018 Daniel Jurgens

A602 1 v4 services size

Opus’ Global BIM Manager Daniel Jurgens looks at the complexities facing Auckland and other major cities around the world in designing an effective transportation system that will cope with the demands of future population growth.

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